The Manuka honey was amazing! I used it as a dressing on raw and discoloured skin after each radiotherapy session – it was immediately soothing and improved the colour of the skin very quickly. It is also brilliant on cuts – healed overnight!

Elizabeth, Burford



A self confessed cynic, I took some of my wife’s (closely guarded) Manuka honey as a desperate measure to try and blitz a sore throat and cold ahead of my favourite boys’ weekend of the year. To my utter amazement I was fit as a flea by the morning. I am a convert!

Tom, Cirencester



Lex, this Manuka honey is miraculous, I am coming to Cirencester tomorrow, will you be around and please may I have some more?

Sophie, Malmesbury



I know it was supposed to be Mum’s, but I took some of your honey that she was given for Christmas as Grandma said it would be healing for my throat. My voice was bad and I had to sing in a concert in front of the whole school. After having some of your honey my voice got better in time for the gig. I would like to thank you for that!

Kassie, Aged 15, Cornwall


The discovery of this magic Manuka Honey has changed my life!! 5 times last winter I felt the first tingle of a sore throat or a cough – 2 tablespoons before bed and each time I woke up right as rain! It really works!! 

Ginny, London



I am totally converted to the powers of your Manuka honey. At the first sign of a sore throat, it’s honey on toast or with yoghurt and cereal (hardly a hardship) and it disappears. I haven’t had a cold all winter in spite of regular tube travel and shared keyboards at work. Who wouldn’t rather go natural? My children tease me that I have joined the Manuka cult, yet all rush to stick their spoon in the honey as soon as they feel run down or have a cold coming on. A delicious and healthy pick me up! Thank you! 

Sarah, London




My aunt was thrilled with her Christmas present and is convinced that it cured a lingering cough that she had had for months. The cost of the honey is far outweighed by savings on over the counter cough, cold and flu remedies. Above all it tastes delicious, is so much better for you and even a little cheaper than its equivalent on the High Street.